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About me (few words only)

Hi there. I’m Frano.

Originally from Croatia, Dubrovnik is my birthtown. I am a bass player-a double bassist, altough in my youth I was a great fan of electric bass, playing jazz, jazz-rock and pop music with my friends in Dubrovnik. Later I moved to The University of Zagreb-School of Music (there it is called Music Academy). There I didn’t have enough time to dedicate equally to the double (upright) bass and electric bass, so I’ve decided that my future will be upright. I’ve sold my fabulous Fender Precision Bass and my Amp and joined Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra.

Than, nearly at the end of decade of 80’s I moved to USA (Ann Arbor, MI), where I’ve spent a year and a half working with Stuart Sankey, a great teacher and great person to whom I owe so much.

Finally, at the very end of the same decade (80’s) I moved to Spain; first to Tenerife, where I’ve spent the most amazing and marvelous three years of my life, but, as a majority of mortals, I was fed up with the living in the paradise, so in 1991 I moved to Granada (which is also some type of paradise too!). Here, in Granada, I’m already for more than 20 years, playing in the Granada City Orchestra as a principal bass.

Apart from music, recently I discovered that I love expressing myself; I’m trying to do it in more than one language, so, occasionally I blog in English and regularly in Spanish and Croatian. Also, I love reading, walking, pastry (making the cakes), writing the music (normally it is called composition, but for me composers are Mozart, Beethoven and others; I prefer being considered as a “writer of music”); oh yeah, there is a fantastic card game called “Preference”, originally French, quite similar to English “Bridge”. I love it.

Conclusion: I have an American friend who plays in the same orchestra; normally she is correcting my English, which is not perfect, but (I sincerely hope!) understandeble. So, if it appears that I’ve published a blog in perfect English, I must be honest and recognize that Wendy (my friend) have done the correcting job for me.

OK. it ended up that this “About me” page is more than “few words only”, but I hope that the information is useful.

Bye for now! Do viđenja! ¡Hasta luego!

4 comentarios
  1. Interesante Frano, me gusta!
    Tienes mucha haabilidad para escibir conciso, concreto, ágil, ligero y con mucho contenido…tal vez como tu música.

  2. Gracias Aida!! un abrazo,

  3. I think you have remarked some very interesting details , thanks for the post.

  4. Un gran abrazo por aquí, amigo Frano.


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